The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center
Home Sleep Testing
Enhanced Somte System
The Somte System is a very reliable unit to perform home sleep testing. We enhanced the device incorporating a frontal single EEG lead, chin EMG, limb EMG electrodes (anterior tibialis), thoracic and abdominal belts, positional sensor, a nasal canula signal (Airflow) and pulse oximetry with plethysmography. The pulse oximetry provides heart rate by pulse and the plethysmography allows reliability for interpretation of the O2 saturation.

Once a home sleep test is ordered, the patients will receive 30 minutes of instruction on the correct application and best practices on the use of the device.

The patients receive an instructional manual and we provide a YouTube support video and phone contact for emergencies.

The home sleep study is manually scored by our certified sleep technicians.

Home Sleep Testing
  • Sleep Apnea
  • CPAP Titrations
  • Auto-CPAP
  • CPAP management
  • Dental Appliances Evaluation
  • Snoring

Home Sleep Study Support Numbers
  • Daytime Support: 212 481 1818
  • Night Support: 917 484 1026

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