The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center
Sleep Studies
Nocturnal and daytime sleep evaluations are performed with state of the art equipment. The studies are performed at the sleep center, located at 11 East 26th Street. The study is supervised and attended by a sleep technologist and the evaluation is interpreted by the physician in the early morning, immediately after the end of the study.

POLYSOMNOGRAPHY: or sleep study, is a complex evaluation that includes collection of data during sleep. The study can be diagnostic or therapeutic.

This evaluation includes measurement of:

  • EEG (electroencephalography) "brainwaves".
  • EMG (electromyography) "muscle tone".
  • Eye movements measurement.
  • Breathing measurement.
  • This includes measurement of snoring, nasal breathing, oral breathing and effort of breathing.
  • Continuous electrocardiogram.
  • Movement sensors and recording.
  • Continuous oximetry.
  • CPAP titration, and more.

If you are a subject for MSLT (Multiple sleep latency test) or MWT (Maintenance of wakefulness test), in between naps you will remain in the dayroom. The dayroom is a very comfortable area with chairs, table, desk, refrigerator, microwave, and a computer with internet access.

  • As you arrive to the sleep center, the technician will escort you to your bedroom.
  • You can change to your pajamas or sleep gown.
  • The setup process can take from 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Remember, there is no pain, no needles in this set up process and sleep evaluation.
  • You can get into bed when it is time to sleep.
  • Tell the technician the time that you need to get up.
  • Wake up early enough to shower, get dressed and then you may go.

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